Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Rhett's 10th Birthday}

Rhett turned 10 on September 6th! When we asked what he'd like for his birthday, all he could think of was Diamondback tickets. He is their biggest fan! We usually get the really cheap tickets, but since this was his bday gift we got nicer seats closer to third base. Dad was a little disappointed when Rhett picked Mom to go with him to the big game (Rhett trying to be fair since Cody has taken him to more games in the past).

We went early to watch the players warm up and hopefully get Rhett's mitt signed.....and we were in luck! He even got a ball from pitcher Ian Kennedy!

His favorite signature was from Miguel Montero. The players were so nice, and it made Rhett's birthday so special.

Ethan and Kade tried to help Rhett have a great birthday as well!

Boys can never have too many nerf guns!

Socks was even so kind as to catch a lizard as a gift for Rhett (he lasted about 48 hours, RIP Lizzo)

A few days later Rhett had his birthday party with friends.....we took them to play Laser Tag and then back home for donuts in lieu of cake.

We love Rhett so much! He is such a great big brother, son, and friend. He is so polite, thoughtful, and fun to be around.

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Sam and Melissa said...

What a fun birthday for such a sweet boy.