Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{Melissa & Sam}

My sister Melissa and her husband Sam came down from Utah for a week to visit! We had so much fun hanging out, playing games, and just laughing at all the silly things we laugh about when we are all together! Does anyone else get all giddy and weird when they are around their sisters? We have way too many inside jokes and lines that remind us of funny things from our past....Sam would just roll his eyes and humor us!!

I have 5 sisters and we are pretty spread out age-wise. I'm the oldest (28), then there's Melissa (24), Ashley (21), Brittany (17), and Ally (12).

The boys were so excited to see them, they especially liked it when Melissa and Sam had a sleepover at our house. They made sure to wake them up in the morning by jumping on their bed. Sam taught Kade a new trick...giving "bones".

We went over to my mom's lots - we went swimming and played a wild game of badmitton.

My sis-in-law April watched my boys Sat. morning so I could go with my family to Sunsplash. Lots of fun, espcially with no little kids to worry about! Of course it had it's funny moments - lots of wedgies, a "string", and my swimsuit top loosing all elasticity. I had to tie a knot in the side of my suit like in the 80's - othewise it would have been to my knees. Too bad, it was a cute top!!

It was a fun, fun week and we were sad to see them go. Can't wait until Christmas until we see them again!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{1st Day of School!}

Summer went fast...like it always does and this week the boys started school. Rhett's in 1st grade this year. He was excited for school to start but a little nervous about his new teacher. He came home smiling big telling me she was so beautiful and he already told her he loves her.

Monday morning Ethan cried and cried...why couldn't his school start on Monday? When we took Rhett to his class Ethan looked on all the desks trying to find a name tag with his name...when it was time to say good-bye to Rhett, Ethan started crying again. Was it because he was going to miss Rhett or because he wanted to stay and be in 1st grade? #2.

We had to make Monday extra fun so we played games like stick Ethan in the tinker-toys bin... Then I was Miss Ashton and Ethan practiced writing his name over and over so he could impress Miss Christy.

At last it was Tuesday...and Ethan's 1st day of pre-school. He has been counting down this day since Rhett started Kindergarten! Kade was pretending the lunch bag was his backpack...

Ethan's preschool had a muffin breakfast and then it was time for parents to go.....so then Kade started crying, wishing he could stay. I could barely buckle him into his carseat because he was throwing such a big fit. Oh boy..... Ethan had a great first day and I know he'll have lots of fun and learn a lot this year.

I have improved my "letting go" skills this year, only tearing up when I passed by the Kindergarten room remembering how hard it is to leave your little one for the first time. I haven't even drove by the playground at recess time...look at me now!

Monday, August 11, 2008

{Shelly's B-day}

My dear friend Shelly's b-day was on Saturday...and her sweet hubby pulled together a surprise dinner for her. I was so impressed, he called us all earlier in the week so we could get sitters. We went to dinner at Dillons and then we went to an improv. The guy in the front pic is from the improv, we told him to do something funny for the picture...you can't see but he's attempting the splits.

Brian was a star in the show...

Shelly got called up on stage for her birthday.....go GINA!

We had a great time....thanks Chad for pulling it together, let's do it again soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Last week I went to The Cheesecake Factory with my sis-in-law April and friends Shelby and Arianne....$1.50 a slice, what a deal! Too bad you could only get one slice per person! I got my fav, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. It was fabulous of course and so was the night. I have a few pictures, some over a year old of fun girls nights so I thought I'd post them all together. I have such sweet friends, many who aren't pictured. I love living in this city with lots of young families and fun girls in my same situation!!

What am I doing with my legs? Strange! This is at Shannon's house about to hit the hot tub (in cooler weather of course!)

Back at The Cheesecake Factory...Candace's going away party a year ago. MISS YOU CANDACE!

I'll never forget Becca and the persistent waiter who kept trying to take her food. That will make me laugh every time I go there Becca!! I guess in this pic we are doing a sassy pose...ha ha.

Jennie and Kathy remember this night? Jennie and Shelby were here too but left before we took the pic. We angered the pressure cooker salesman because we all just ate his dinner from the presentation but didn't buy anything. Good times! Kathy has moved also, MISS YOU KATHY!

I think this is celebrating Jennie's birthday. Shopping and dinner out, the perfect combo for sure!!

Here's to my sweet hubby for letting me go out have fun....then come back refreshed and ready to jump back into motherhood!! Love you hon!!