Sunday, January 8, 2012


Get ready for a *lot* of pictures....we had a great time in Utah over Thanksgiving and put my camera to work. We were there for a week and had so much fun visiting family and making lots of memories.

First stop was St. George. We stopped at a park to let the kids run around after a long car ride.

There were some interesting people there to entertain us....first up was a man singing and dancing.

Next was a couple of was especially special when laid across the bench in her skirt and they made out. True Love.

There was a huge Christmas Tree so of course I had to take a picture.

Leaf fight!

Cody had the boys burning some energy by having them race. Everything is a competition in this household!

We stayed the night with Cody's grandparents: Grandma & Grandpa Bluemel. It's so fun having them much closer during the winter! Brook & Travis brought their cute girls over in the evening and we had so much fun visiting with them.

The next morning we hopped back in the car to finish our drive up to Logan, UT. Kade was comfy as can be.

I hit the books, studying for my finals the next week.

Cody drove the entire way, what a good Daddy.

As we headed North it got colder and colder. And we were reminded of that every time it dropped a degree, as the kids watched the dashboard display and would yell out constantly "It's 45 degrees!! Now it's 44 degrees!! Oh my gosh!!!" They were so excited. They begged to have the windows down so they could stick there hands out into the cold wind.

We made it safely to Logan. The boys ran out to play in the snow even though it was getting dark. The next day they suited up again and ran out to play. I was glad to see that all the $$ I've invested in snow gear is getting a little use.

We stayed a few days with Gene and Cassie, and then the rest of the time at Danny and Lesli's home. The cousins had so much fun together!

Kade & Lucy

Lunch at Firehouse good!

One of the days we headed up the canyon to "The Sinks" to sled. It was the perfect day to be in the snow and the kids had so much fun!

Kade & Marissa

Madison & Ryya


Titan, Ashton, Lucy

Kael & Brynn


Monica & Crew

April & Titan

Teri & Savannah




Lesli & Teri

Ashton & Logan

Chloe & Savannah

Cody & Kade

Back at Gene & Cassie's house there was a lot going on. 7 families, tons of kids running around, and lots of yummy treats to snack on. It was loud and so much fun. Of course there were some competitions, and measuring to see who's tallest, strongest, fastest, etc. Somethings never change!

Gaje & Kael

We'd get back to Lesli's house late at night, and the kids all slept together in the basement.

With our huge group, we needed a big place for Thanksgiving dinner, and the church worked out great. Everyone brought food and it was delicious!

We had two white elephant parties, one for the kids and one for the adults. Titan looked cute with his new eyes :)

Tyler was in charge of the adults, and he read a poem which told which present to open according to your #. He had planned a special gift just for Kael.

A rat! It was pretty funny. All the kids surronded Kael like he was the Pied Piper. There were several in tears begging their parents for the rat to take home as a pet. In the end he went back to his original home, Petsmart.

Kade was thrilled with his white elephant gift, a car Gaje had made in shop class a few years back. He kept saying "He made this just for me!!"

The kids had fun playing with toys in the nursery, and the older kids played football and basketball in the gym.

Leah, Jodi, Kaeli, Mona, & Lesli

One night Grandpa took all the grandkids that wanted to go on motorcycle rides. It was cold but they didn't mind!

Ethan & Grandpa

Kendyll, Savannah, Logan, & Chloe

Rhett & Grandpa

Kade & Grandpa

Ethan, Ashton, Payton, Chloe, Savannah, Jodi, & Rachael

The new air hockey table in the basement got a lot of use!

Teri & Lesli

Danny & Lesli treated us to their hand blended shakes! LOL someone really needs to buy them a blender!!!

Kade with his "glasses" he wouldn't take off.

Cody dominated air hockey (woo hoo, that's my man!)

Cousin time!!

Marissa, Rachael, Brooke, Ashton

We had the best time, and the kids were so sad to leave. There is nothing like family!!