Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Fettuccine Alfredo like Olive Gardens *this must simmer at least 30 min, don't put in the cream cheese. I usually let it simmer 45 min.*

Skillet Baked Ziti

I used fresh basil at the end instead of the oregano and I crumbled the parmesan wafer on top of each bowl of soup. This is really good with the Rosemary Olive Oil bread from Costco.

**I wanted to share some yummy recipes I've made recently.....**

Monday, September 29, 2008


The boys had earned free bowling passes from the summer reading program, and they expired on Tuesday. We picked Cody up from work and headed over to the bowling ally. They boys were so excited, they had never been before.

They loved it!! We let them play two games and they would have stayed a lot longer if we had let them!

Rhett doing the old Granny method...

Rhett's happy dance in the background makes me laugh :o).

Ethan got a strike and was so excited (with bumpers of course!).

Happy Kade!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

{Day 4}

The final day of our trip was spent at Sea World! We went with Danny, Lesli, Ashton, and Grandma and Grandpa Ashton.

We got there a little before it opened and went down to watch Shamu and the other whales swim around. The kids loved watching the whales and seeing how huge they are!

Next we fed the dolphins. You got to touch them first and then feed them. Fun!!

Then we went over to pet the stingrays. The boys were nervous at first but then had fun seeing how slimy they felt.

We went to all the shows, they were so fun!! We were there on a Saturday so it was pretty crowded but it still was lots of fun!

The boys especially loved the raft ride where you were soaked every time.

The sharks were a big hit as well....sorry my flash blacked them out. Kade LOVES sharks, he has a shark shirt he wants to wear all the time as well as a book he carries around all day. So seeing them made him pretty excited!

Of course we hit up the kiddie rides as well!

For the last ride of the day we went on the raft ride again and were SOAKED!

Sea World was fun, fun! The bad part of the trip was when we went to leave Danny & Lesli's van wouldn't start. They had to have it towed and ended up driving home with Cody's parents with plans to fly back and get it when it was fixed. It ended up being just a little problem that was under warranty...but what a pain!

We left the park and drove home...getting home at 11:30 pm. There is nothing nicer then coming home and being in your own bed - now matter how fun the vacation was!! We had a ball though and are planning to go again next year. Anyone else is welcome to come, how fun would that be??

Saturday, September 20, 2008

{Day 3}

Friday started off shaky, Kendyll was sick and had thrown up early that morning. Kael gave her a blessing and she was able to get feeling better (for the day at least) and we all ate breakfast and then headed off to Huntington Beach.
When we go there it was about 10:30, overcast, and chilly! I was wishing I had packed a jacket! We brought all our stuff down to the beach and set everything up. The sun never came out from behind the clouds, but it did warm up a bit. The cold water did not stop the kids (or our husbands!) from having hours of fun in the water.

Ethan, Logan, and Ashton spent 4 hours in the water. Jumping over waves, going in chest-deep, they had no fear! They were loving every minute! Rhett enjoyed it too, but he also had fun building sand castles and going in the deeper water with Daddy.

Cody, Kael, and Danny all rented boogie-boards and had a lot of fun with them. The waves were big for California, 6-7ft so they were able to have some fun rides. There were a lot of surfers out and we had fun watching them also. I was a wimp and didn't go in the water past my knees...it was COLD!

Kael & Danny

Danny & Cody

It was so relaxing to just sit on the beach after a full day at Disneyland! Crew and Kade were on bird patrol - alternating between feeding the aggressive seagulls and then chasing them saying "roar!". It was cute. Kendyll was the shell collector, she found a bucketful of pretty shells. It was so much fun! Kael & Monica

Ashton & Lesli

Brooke & Kade


Danny & Ashton


Gene & Cassie

Kendyll & Ally

Crew & Grandpa

Cody & Ethan


Ashton Family

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{Day 2}

Thursday morning we ate breakfast together at the hotel and then took a shuttle to Disneyland! The kids were so excited. Look how cute they are with Grandma...they love her and Grandpa so much and were so happy to see them!

We took some pics in front of the gate...I didn't get a good one of Kael and Monica's family because they were renting a stroller.

Danny, Lesli, and Ashton

Grandma & Grandpa

Rhett and Ethan got to participate in a Star Wars thing...they have never seen it but thought it was cool anyways! They even got to fight Darth Vader!

Here's Ethan....

This picture of Ethan makes me laugh...they loved every ride! It was the perfect day to go - the weather was so nice and there were almost no lines! The roller coasters were their favorites - especially Splash Mountain. Ethan's favorite was Space Mountain.

Rhett & Ethan

Lesli & Ashton

Monica & Lesli were so nice to take all the little kids while we went on Indiana Jones. Poor Monica is pregnant so she missed out on most of the fun rides.

The whole group...

Grandma & Kade

Wet after Splash Mountain!

Kendyll, Logan, & Goofy

Brooke, Rhett, & Ally

We stayed there from park open to park close....we had such a fun time! I loved seeing the excitement on all the kids faces when they went on rides and saw the Disney characters. The last time we went to Disneyland Rhett was 2, and we went in July. It was miserably hot and crowded! I would definitely recommend going in September!!