Saturday, May 29, 2010

{Field Trips to the ZOO}

Spring was filled with field trips and I was able to go with Kade and his class to The Wildlife Zoo and with Ethan and his class to The Phoenix Zoo. There is nothing like going with little ones to the zoo, I love to see their excitement at getting close to the animals they only see on TV or in books! Kade especially loved the sting rays that he got to pet in the aquarium. Of course the merry-go-round was also a hit! The weather was so funky, from chilly to sunny - back to cold and then it hailed. That added to the fun and we had a great day that we spent with lots of friends from other preschool classes too.

Next I went with Ethan and his class to The Phoenix Zoo. I was able to ride on the bus the hour there and back and boy was that an experience! Lots of loud excited kids on the way there, and tired and sleepy kids on the way back. Add to that one child and parent left behind, with the bus having to turn around and go back to get them and you have the full experience.

Ethan's favorite animals were the monkeys and elephants. It was fun to be able to share his first field trip with him :o)

Friday, May 28, 2010

{Flashback Friday}

I am wayyyy behind but have a lot to post and will hopefully do it soon!! This picture was taken almost four years ago at a party the city we live in puts on each year.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{Stolen Camera}

My boys love getting their hands on my camera....and it always makes me laugh when I am downloading pictures onto the computer and see what they have done without me knowing. Here's what I found today:

{Mr. Competitive}

When Ethan started Kindergarten this year I was a little worried that full-day would be hard for him, he loves to run and play and I didn't know how sitting so much would be for him. Well he LOVES school and is in tears whenever he has to miss a day for a vacation or doctor appointment. If you know Ethan, than you know he is very competitive when it comes to sports. Luckily he has been on winning teams so far in his little sport career because he doesn't take losing well (we are working on that!) . His competitive nature also transfers over to homework.

His class has a new teacher for the last month of school and she started having them do homework. Each Monday she sends home a packet with several pages to complete and turn in on Friday, as well as a reading log. He insists on completed the entire packet and reading log that same day, and turning it in the following day. His teacher has started giving him extra packets, which he loves. I never would have guessed that Ethan would be begging to stay up late and do homework in his bed! The funniest moment was last week when Ethan went to play at his friend Caviston's house, and Ethan took his homework packet so they could do homework together instead of playing. So funny.