Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Kauai Part 4}

Before we went on our trip, I planned what we would do, see, etc, - trying to make the most of our time in Kauai. One thing that sounded so amazing was to kayak the Na Pali Coast. There isn't a road along the Na Pali coast, it's only seen by water or air (or you can hike through part of it). So I signed Cody and I up for it....and then as it came closer and closer I began to feel nervous about kayaking in the ocean due to the fact that (a) Cody and I have never done it before, and (b) it was an all day event - 17 miles!!

Well, it all worked out in the end because we got a call the day before saying the ocean was too choppy and there were big winds coming so they needed to cancel. We ended up going on a catamaran instead to see the coast, a much wiser and more enjoyable way for sure!!

The best part was seeing tons of dolphins swimming along the boat, jumping, doing tricks, and entertaining us. We also got to jump off the boat and snorkel in a neat spot, although I think Cody was watching out for sharks more than enjoying the fish :o)

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