Sunday, January 27, 2008

{Grandparents Visit!}

Instead of posting a million pictures I took this week (and there would have been more, my memory card was full!) I thought I'd put them in a collage, if you click on it, it will blow up bigger.

We had such a fun week. It started last Sunday when we went over to dinner at one of my best friend's from high school's home. Her name is Brooke also (funny! especially when I am calling leaving messages at her house. Hi Brooke, this is Brooke, call me..). and her husband is JD, also a friend from back in the day. They have an amazing home on an acre not too far from us, yet we still only see each other about once a year, how sad is that? Anyways, it was their daughter Brendyl's 2nd birthday so we had dinner and cake over there. Rhett and Ethan loved their dog and fun backyard and JD promised them next time he would take them out in the dark in his golf cart to catch scorpions. He has a big black light and they leave in the desert where he says there are huge ones you can see (and catch, yikes!) at night.

During the week we didn't do much, just the usual stuff! I worked extra hard with my schoolwork so I wouldn't have to do much when Cody's parents, Gene and Cassie were here. They arrived Thursday night from Vegas driving Cody's new (to him) truck! He bought it from his friend Tim, in Utah, it's an older Dodge Dakota with only 60K so it was nice and cheap and we will be selling the civic hopefully tomorrow. I was telling my mom about the truck saying it was every guys dream to have a little truck and Cody interrupted me to let me know his "dream" isn't a little truck...hey hey now! He is excited though and Rhett and Ethan had fun going for rides in it. Rhett especially loves different vehicles and he is always asking what our next cars/trucks will be.

Friday I took Ethan and Kade to the dr for well check-ups. They were long overdue, Ethan hadn't been to the dr for a couple years so poor guy had to have 3 shots. He was tough, didn't even cry. Kade had to get 5 shots, yikes. He did cry, but not for too long so that was good. Here's their stats:

Kade: 25 pds (50%), 33 inches tall (90%)
Ethan: 36 pds (50%), 40 inches tall (50%)

That night my sister Ally and her friend babysat the kids so we could go with Cody's parents and Dustin and April to the temple. Then we went out to eat at Rosa's (yum!) - if you go there get the Mango Chicken Salad, it's delish.

Saturday we went with all the kids to the zoo, and that was lots of fun. The kids especially loved the train ride, feeding the giraffes, and the carasol at the end! Later that night Dustin and April came over and the kids crashed upstairs watching a movie while the grownups watched The Office and comedy by a guy named Brian Reagon.

Sunday we went to Stake Conference, had a yummy pork roast dinner, and said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa even though we didn't want to. We had a fun visit and hope to see them again soon!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

{Loose Tooth}

Well this was an exciting week for Rhett teeth-wise!! He has had two loose teeth for quite awhile, we have even tried pulling them out with string but they just weren't ready yet. A few nights ago right before bed one was sooo loose and so Rhett wanted Daddy to try and pull it out.

Cody pulled it out, but didn't show Rhett and told him to go look in the mirror to see how loose it was: (as you can see Ethan is desperatly wishing for a loose tooth of his own).

"Hey! You tricked me!" Rhett said, all excited. He put his tooth in a baggy and then rushed upstairs to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy.

When I went to put some money under his bed late that night I saw he wasn't sleeping on his pillow, probably worried the tooth fairy couldn't get to his tooth if he was laying on it. He was up at 2am showing us what the tooth fairy left him and we congratulated him, and then made him go back to bed!! Two nights later he lost his other tooth. He had $2 and I asked him what he wanted to buy. He chose.......

Chocolate Cookie Crisp...or Sugar Cereal as we call it! He usually only gets this on his birthday so he was super excited to go to Fry's and buy it. He makes his Daddy proud with his love of cereal and mint chocolate chip ice cream! I have to tell you, I am a little worried about the freaky smile he is now doing to show off his missing teeth. I took like 20 pictures of him with his cereal and each one was the open mouthed grin.

We didn't really do much this week. Ethan had T-ball this morning and boy does he take it seriously. Everytime he catches the ball or hits it he looks at us to make sure we are watching him and cheering him on. Today my mom and sister Brittany came to watch and he was so excited to show off. This has made Rhett want to play so I signed him up for a little leauge in March. He did soccer last year but just kind of ran around with the kids never trying for the ball so I have held off until he tells me he wants to play something!

So, nothing much new at our casa...until next time...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Poor Rhett, he's going to look on my blog and think he doesn't exist. It's just that Ethan is always hamming it up for my camera, and doing things for attention!! And Rhett is at school at full day Kindergarten, so I don't have as many photo ops. My next post with have pics of Rhett, I promise!!

The other morning I was frustrated with Ethan for taking so long to get dressed in the morning. All of I sudden I hear this boom, boom, boom down the stairs, I thought Kade was falling down them. I see Ethan, he says "Watch me mom!" He has both legs in one leg of his footie jammies and he is zooming down the stairs pretty fast. He has the funniest ideas!

Then of course I had to snap a shot of Kade running around bare chested, he loves to have his clothes off. He is still screaming his high pitched scream whenever he needs something (which is often). SERENITY NOW!!

Last Friday my mom met me at the park and we let the kids feed the ducks. They thought that riding on the alligator was pretty fun.

On Saturday Ethan started T-ball. We bought him a mitt and he thinks he's pretty cool. His friend Cody is on his team also, they are so funny when they get together. After t-ball, the kids played at the park and Ethan showed off his monkey bar skills. He can go all the way across, pretty good for a three year old!

Tonight we went over to Dustin and April's house. Our kids think they're house is pretty fun so they are always excited when we go over there! Dustin and April showed off their new Bosh and Wheat Grinder by making some amazing cinnamon rolls. Yummy!! Their wheat bread was great also, and I am not a big wheat person. After a couple hours they came over to our house and we had dinner. I made a pork roast with some veggies and fingerling potatoes from Costco. If you haven't tried them, you have to! They are so good! They are little and have a yummy flavor. The kids played over here for a few more hours, they especially liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game on our X-box. Well that's our fun week in a nutshell, here we go again!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

{Crazy Boys}

Today our ward had a Primary Activity, it was a meet the teacher breakfast and the kids all wore their PJ's. Here's a picture of the boys giving me their "natural" smiles. Then they broke into a crazy dance that they saw a skeleton doing in the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" which we watched last night:

If you can't tell, this skeleton dance requires you to hunch over, make a crazy happy face, ball up your fists and punch them, and shake your booty back and forth at the same time. They can be so silly.

Ethan is beyond thrilled to be in Primary. For the last 6 months at least he has been asking to go. He would tell me almost every Sunday "I don't want to be in nursery anymore! There's kids in there with diapers and it stinks in there!" How do you argue with that? I can't wait until Kade is in there though, 3 more months. He has this high pitch shriek that he does whenever he wants something, I can't wait until he talks some more and can communicate what he wants without screaming! He says a few words: Mom, Dad, Baba, Bye Bye, No No, and Ball. He is like our little puppy playing fetch, he loves to bring you a ball so you can throw it and he goes and brings it back. Today he came to me with a ball and said "Ball!" It was cute.

Tonight Cody is at a basketball game with my Dad and I am just online getting everything ready for my classes this semester. I just have two, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology. They both have labs so I am sure they will keep me busy at night when the kids are in bed. I can put in my application for nursing school this spring, they changed the requirements so I don't need the class I was going to take this summer. It should take awhile to get in though, there is a long wait, and in the meantime you can take some co-reqs so your load isn't so heavy in nursing school. Well I am just rambling on now, but hope everyone had a Happy New of my resolutions is to make lists so I stop forgetting to do things. It's working so far, hope I can keep it up!

Friday, January 4, 2008


(1) I just have to write these down before I forget them. The other day in the car Ethan was teasing Rhett. Here's how their conversation went:

R - ETHAN! I am not going to invite you to my birthday party.
E - Sorry, but my live at your house sweetie. And my will always be in your family.

(2) Ethan was snuggling with me on the couch. He sits up, points to my chest. "What are those mom?". Yikes. I don't know what to say, I look at Cody, he is just laughing. Before I could answer, Ethan says "My know. There are just babies in there."

(3) Ethan our little candy theif was missing the other morning. I found him in my closet standing on the highchair he snuck from the kitchen, with a blanket on the tray, with my tallest pair of high heels on trying to reach his Halloween candy. This child is a broken leg waiting to happen!