Saturday, October 16, 2010

{Kade's 4th Birthday!}

Kade celebrated his fourth birthday a few weeks ago! I love the countdown to birthdays that my children do when it starts getting close....they get so excited even if it's their brother's birthday coming up and not their own. There are high expectations, and birthday rules that Rhett is quick to enforce. I love it!

What a year it has been for Kade - turning from 3 to 4, and how much he has gone through. I almost can't talk about it, it's hard. I know people wonder how he's doing though, and I am happpy to say that he is doing wonderful. He takes two different medications in the morning and at night, and they are pretty powerful but they have been working great so far and his neurologist from where he was in Januarty to where he is now is the best case scenario. Of course we have times when we think ahead, become worried, and think things won't always be going so well, but we try not to and just try to focus on how great he's doing right now.

I kept Kade's birthday party this year very small, and he choose two friends to come with him for lunch at McDonalds. Yes I do know how to throw a high class party :o) They enjoyed their happy meals and chocolate sundaes, and off course burning some energy in the play area. Rhett and Ethan begged to come along too so we picked them up early from school and they had fun as well. In fact, Ethan wanted to come so badly that he devised a little plan that morning to fake a fever so he could stay home from school. He asked me if his forehead was warm, and it was, but I knew something was up. So I watched him, and a few minutes later I peeked at him in the backyard, pushing his forehead up against the slide (which gets warm in the sun). Busted!

Kade also got to take treats to preschool, and came home with this birthday crown which he wore with pride. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he said pancakes. We asked what toys he wanted, and got the same reply: pancakes. Well we did buy him some toys, but we had a big breakfast for dinner that night and he was happy. He is easy to please!

We love Kade, life would not be nearly as exciting without him! Here are some fun facts about Kade:

*He pronounces girl and "grill" and it always makes us laugh
*He is tall and is getting hard for me to pick up, 97% weight, 95% height
*He LOVES to eat and is not picky!
*He loves to strike a pose for pictures and squint his eyes
*He has an obsession for gum, he'll ask strangers if they have any
*He loves Little Critter books, I read him one every day before his nap
*He also loves Dora
*He is very snuggly, I love that!
*He is always trying to do whatever his big brothers are doing, he idolizes them
*We have a lot of nicknames for him, don't know where they came from but the one we call him most is Kashie.

We love you Kade!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

{Flashback Friday}

Since Kade's birthday is two days away I thought for this Flashback Friday I'd post a picture four years ago when he was born......time has gone by so fast yet it's hard to remember life without him! He is our little entertainer and adds so much fun to our lives!