Sunday, September 20, 2009

{Boy Crazy}

Around here things get pretty crazy with 3 boys close in age. As most of you know I grew up the oldest of 5 girls, no brothers so there are plenty of things I have had to adjust with having 3 sons of my own. Cody is always having to remind me to let my boys be boys....and not be so protective of them! The other night they were having such a fun time pillow fighting, I had to snap some pics. They were laughing and knocking each other down, then getting back up to do it over and over again. I love to see them playing together and getting along.

Later it was bedtime, and Rhett wanted to read Kade a bedtime story. Ethan climbed in Kade's bed and they listened and laughed as Rhett read to them.

I love my kids more than I thought was possible. My life feels wild and crazy sometimes - but simple things like this bring me such happiness that it makes all the spilled milk, fighting, tears, potty humor, and loudness that comes with being a mom of boys worthwhile.

Monday, September 14, 2009

{ER Round Two}

Poor Kade had a rough patch....but we hope this was the last emergency room visit for a long time! A couple of weeks ago we were at my Aunt Suzy's home in Mesa at a dinner celebrating the return of my cousin Max from his mission in Estonia. They have a huge backyard with a city park playground size swingset. Kade ran in front of his cousin while she was swinging and the impact knocked him down. He kept crying and pointing to his clavicle saying his "neck" hurt. My parents were sweet to watch our older two boys for the rest of the night while we took Kade to the ER.

We went back to Cardone Children's Hospital and before too long had an x-ray showing a fractured clavicle, broken all the way through. Luckily it heals fast and you don't need a cast so we were given a sling and ace bandage and were on our way. The first few days were rough because Kade didn't want to take it easy so he fell on it several times (ouch!). A week later I took him to the Orthopedic Surgeon and he had Kade move his arm a bit, and things were looking great. We took the sling off last week for good and he is feeling good and almost healed.

As for his seizures, he hasn't had any since we started him on his medication in the hospital! That's exciting, a better prognosis than his neurologist had told us to expect. He hasn't been sick yet (a fever may trigger them) but we have lots of ibuprofen and aspirin ready just in case he comes down with one.

The side effects of dizziness and clumsiness that he had the first week or two after are gone, so that's exciting. He does have behavioral side effects but we give him liquid vitamin B6 twice a day with his Keppra and that has helped most of them go away. He still is a lot more impulsive (at stores he'll run away from me and I actually have to chase him, whereas he wouldn't do that before) but we will deal with that over the liver side effects the other medications have. It does make me wonder if that's why he ran in front of the swing though, because I would have thought he knew better? Anyways...we meet with his neurologist this Friday, so I'm interested to see how that goes.

We love our Kade and are glad he is feeling better!!