Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Mud Mania}

Every year in Scottsdale they hold "Mud Mania" at a park. We have always wanted to go, and this year it worked out!

Kade wasn't so sure...he splashed around a bit but after a while he was done.

Rhett and Ethan got to go in the big mud pit and they loved it!

Aunt April and her cute kids came too!

Ethan and Mason won the prize for most muddy.....they were having the time of their lives!

Titan kept us laughing with his funny faces.

Cuties Ryya and Chloe

Kade was ready to go home!

Before we left Ethan and Mason went on the obstacle course...they did great!

{Rim to Rim to Rim}

Cody and Dustin have been wanting to hike "Rim to Rim" in the Grand Canyon for quite awhile. They finally found a weekend that would work...but decided to be extreme and hike "Rim to Rim and then BACK to the other Rim" - all in the same day. They started hiking at 2am and hiked for over 51 miles...ending at 10:30pm. I am just glad they made it back home safe! Dusting made a film of their hike:

Monday, June 27, 2011


A big part of our summer is hitting up the city pool....for swim lessons and during the afternoons to play. It has two slides, diving boards, and a whirlpool so my boys love it.

The boys got to pick a prize after their swim lessons were over.

Ethan rocking a cannonball:

Kade loves to do it all...slide, deep end, diving board...he is hard to keep up with!

{Last Day of School}

Schools out for the summer.....woo hoo let the fun (and craziness) begin!

Kade finished a successful year of pre-school.....he has one more to go before Kindergarten in 2012 (let's hope this year he can learn which way his letters go)

Ethan rocked 1st grade with the fabulous Mrs.Encarnation, he has learned so much this year and she really instilled a passion in him for Math and Science!

Rhett was spoiled having 3rd and 4th Grade with Mrs. Malasnik - she loved him and he loved her right back. We won't know what to do without her next year, she is amazing.

{Spring Baseball}

Spring baseball was so fun! Rhett was in the 9-10 kid pitch league and was nailed by a few pitches....Ethan was in 7-8 coach pitch and he hit a few triples. They boys LOVE baseball and it is my favorite sport to watch them play. I love being outside in the nice spring weather and Kade loves playing with friends in the grass and eating snowcones. He dressed up in their old uniforms for many games, he just can't wait until he is 5 and old enough to join in the fun!

Here is Ethan with his good friend Cavi, they have been on the same team for every sport! (I have to also add that Caviston's Dad is the amazing coach of every one of those teams!)

Ethan, Brock, and Blake hamming it up for the camera!

Rhett did great this season, he truly loves baseball and was so sad when the season ended.

Rhett loved being on his friend Christian's team!

Two little monkeys!

{Easter 2011}

{Random Spring Pictures}

We enjoyed having Gene, Cassie, and Kelsi visiting for a few days when they came for cute Brystal's blessing!

Another fun visit was when Cody's cousin Ashlee brought her boys over to visit!

Cody spent a loooong night on the trampoline with the boys....what a good Daddy!

Rhett and Ethan have fun riding on their bike pegs.

Gotta love how they squeeze into very small Halloween costumes!

I had fun going on Ethan's field trip to the White Tank Mountains.

Always our entertainer, Ethan will do anything for a laugh.

Kade is obsessed with super-hero costumes, he tried to put this one one during nap time...guess the effort wore him out!

My Grandpa Andersen spoils my boys with fun packages and written stories about the pictures they mail him....they love it!


One of my boys favorite places to go is Snowflake...and why wouldn't it be? Horses, 4-wheelers, a snowcone machine in Grandma's garage, cousins, dogs, kittens, and a lot of room to run around without fences.

One night we roasted S'mores....YUM!

We had a wonderful time. One the way home we let the kids pick out a treat from the gas station...a little tradition we have for the ride home from a vacation. They love the freedom of picking whatever they want. We had a great spring break!