Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Kauai Part 2}

We would start out most mornings walking along the beach after breakfast...there is nothing like the calm feeling you get when you hear the waves coming onto shore. There were amazing rainbows everyday (it sprinkled off and on almost every day, but most times would only last a few minutes)

We found this cave along the way to a hike and it was really neat. There was a pool of water inside, and it led out to the ocean.

Next a great beach to snorkel was a blowhole called "Spouting Horn". It was so neat. A few weeks after we visited, a tourist died when he went down close to it to get a picture, and was sucked into the terrible.

The highway leading back to our resort went through an area called Tree can't see it as well in this picture but for a distance it's darker as you drive through so many beautiful trees that curve over the highway.

We went to see a waterfall called Wailua Falls that you can drive up the mountain and see. Pictures don't do justice!!

There were signs telling you to keep out (you are not supposed to hike down to the bottom) - but thanks to our lovely book we knew where to find the hidden trail. What rebels....haha.

A surfer bum sold me a coconut before we started our decent down to the falls.

We had to cross this doesn't look bad but trust me it was deep and the current was strong...causing me to freak out in the middle (memories, right?)

It was SO AMAZING to be at the bottom of the falls! Look close, I am standing on the big rock to the left with my hands in the air.... Our book said you could swim in the pool under the falls...but we are not quite that daring so we just admired it for a while then headed back up the mountain.

We ended the day with a delicious meal at Duke's.....finishing with the to die for *Hulu Pie*....

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