Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Kauai Part 3}

Are you recognizing a pattern here? Hike, hike, then hike, hike....haha. I think we hiked every day we were in Kauai, and once in Oahu. We aren't the sleep in, lay on the beach type. However, lest it seem like we never went in the ocean, let me assure you that we did a lot of that as well, every day we swam or snorkeled at different beaches, sometimes more than one beach each day. We made our way all around the island trying to visit it all!

Our favorite hike by far was The Kalalau Trail Hike....We just did 4 miles but you can go 11 miles (you have to stay the night)....I would love to come back and do the whole things!! It went along the Na Pali Coast - and had the most amazing views I have ever seen.

At this point Cody is getting annoyed at my constant picture taking...but I couldn't stop, it was so beautiful. The beach behind him is the one we were hiking to.

Unfortunately you can't swim in the water here, there is a really strong tide and so there are signs everywhere telling you not to go into the water.

Too bad the fogs blocking the mountains in the background, there's a waterfall that's so pretty.

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