Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For the past year I have been the Primary 2nd Counselor so I have learned a lot about the scouting program and why it is so important. Now that Rhett is 8, and gets to go each week, I have an even better perspective of why it is so great! Tuesday is his favorite night, whether his pack is picking up garbage or going on a bike ride he comes home with a big smile and tells us all about it. A couple of months ago he earned his first badge, the "Bobcat". At pack meeting I painted his face and he was turned upside down by Cody as I pinned the badge on him (wrong side up). He was able to put it on the right way after doing a good deed for me at home. Ethan of course is so jealous but his time will come :o)

Monday, December 28, 2009

{Grandma Ila Ashton}

On December 8th, Cody's Grandma Ila passed away. We knew this day was coming, as her health has been deteriorating and she has told us many times she was ready to return to be with her husband after being separated for many years. We will miss so many things about her, when you loose one you love it seems that life will never be the same without them. Although she is Cody's Grandmother, she took me under her wing as well and I feel so close to her as well. She is the definition of "spunky" and full of life! When we were first married I loved to hear her stories from the past, as well as her busy social schedule filled with friends, family, church, and lots of activities such as water aerobics.

She shared her testimony often (to us and to her ward every Fast Sunday) and family was so important to her. She kept a schedule of all her posterity, and wrote several letters weekly as well as made many phone calls to catch up on all the latest news. I will treasure those letters, there is something so much more personal about a letter you receive in the mail as opposed to an e-mail.

Cody and I were able to make a quick 2-day trip to Utah and Wyoming for her funeral, we flew up Sunday to Salt Lake, rented a car, and drove to Lyman where services were held. All but one of Cody's siblings were there (Lesli was having a baby on Monday!) and we had a nice time telling stories and memories we all had of Grandma Ashton. Below is a picture of her house in Lyman, Cody's Grandma and Grandpa Bluemel, Cody's cousin Lindsay and I, and Cody's home her grew up in, in Lyman.

There was a lot of extended family there, and a lot of people who loved Grandma Ashton. The funeral was wonderful, and I was able to accompany Mona as she sang one of Grandma's favorite songs: Where Love Is.

The Gene Ashton Family

Ila's children and their spouses

The Grandchildren and their spouses (there are 26 living grandchildren)

Great-grandchildren (she has 83!)