Friday, August 31, 2007


My boys love to talk about what they are going to do when they are grown-ups, so I thought it would be cute to record their answers to some questions I asked...

Rhett's Answers's (Age 5)
What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to fix cars.
Who will you marry? Brittany (my sister who's 16)
Where will you live? In Wyoming (where Grandma & Grandpa Ashton used to live)
How many kids will you have? 3 Girls; named Madelyn, Logan, and Sky. 3 Boys; named Ethan, Tree, and Chocolate Chip.
What car will you drive? A purple PT Cruiser with monster tires and moving rims.
What pets will you have? A goat, cat, dog, and horse.

Ethan's Answers's (Age 3)
What do you want to be when you grow up? A firefighter.
Who will you marry? Ally (my sister who's 11)
Where will you live? At Wal-mart
How many kids will you have? 3 Boys; named Tree, Mouse, and Barn
What car will you drive? A White Scion.
What pets will you have? A Dog with a leash, so he won't run away.
(they can't marry Melissa because she's married to Sam, or Ashley because she lives in Hawaii where sharks will bite them when they swim in the ocean)

Before my sister Melissa and her husband Sam left for Utah this month we took some family pictures at my parent's house. The boys were actually all smiling, which is amazing!

Ethan, Cody, my Dad, Rhett, Sam, and Kade
Me, Melissa, Ally, my Mom, Brittany, and Ashley

Thursday, August 30, 2007

{Here Comes Trouble!}

Ethan's teaching Kade how to play X-Box...

Since Rhett's at school, Ethan and Kade get lots
of time to play together, they had fun taking a bath.

Kade is already climbing on things, he
got up here by himself. Oh boy, he's
growing up too fast! I think he's going to
be busy like Ethan.

I thought this was cute, Kade stands up
and scoots along things. He's pretty proud.

{Here We Go....}

Well, I am entering the world of blogging! I am hoping that this can be a new replacement for scrapbooking, I haven't been the best at keeping a journal so this can be that with pictures!! We have had a busy August, and it seems like it's gone by fast. Rhett started Kindergarten on the 13th. This is a picture on the first day of school, poor Ethan cried most of the morning, he was so sad to see Rhett leave him and sad that he wasn't big enough for school yet. 2 more years for Ethan....that seems like forever to him! He is doing better now but the first week he cried everytime we left Rhett at school. Rhett loves his teacher and pronounces his love to her everyday "Miss E I LOVE you!" and she tells him she loves him also so that makes him happy. He is such a pleaser and tries to be so good.

A few weekends ago our friends the Waites took us out on their boat for a Saturday. The kids all loved it!! They had so much fun swimming in the lake, going on the tube, and especially riding in the boat when it went fast. Cody got up when he slalom skied and I wakeboarded for the first time. It was fun, with beautiful bruises all over my body appearing the next day! Rhett and Ethan were cute, offering words of encouragment when I was in the water "You can do it Mom! Just be tough!".