Sunday, November 30, 2008


I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving....we spent the day with my Flake relatives at Suzi and Kevin's home. Their home is on 2 acres....all kid friendly with lots of grassy hills, trampoline, and a built in playground like you'd find at a park. The pool and slide is fun too, but it was too cold for that! They always host huge family events...they know how to throw a good party!!

The food was so yummy, and it was so fun to visit with lots of family members. I feel so lucky to have grown up with so many amazing aunts and uncles who are such great examples to me. They are all so generous, loving, and truly care about my family....

There is so much I am thankful for. The biggest thing that has been on my mind is the Plan of Salvation. Almost two weeks ago I got the call that my sister-in-law had lost her sweet baby girl at 28 weeks. Cody was gone for the week and I just broke down. I felt so bad for their family....wished I could be there to help. I felt so hopeless living in a different state, where all I could do was call or send an e-mail. I have learned to hug my little ones a little tighter and appreciate this miracle and gift of life we have been given. That being said I wanted to list some things that I am thankful for about my boys (all four of them!)

Kade, I love how you wake up calling for me in your deep morning voice! You are still half-asleep and your first thought is where's momma! I love how you have to give me a kiss and a hug every time we part, and how you tell me you love me even when you are just going to play in the backyard. I love how polite you are, you say thank you so many times each day! I love how you cry when your brothers go to school, you love them so much! I love to watch you imitate everything they do. I love to hear you talk on the phone, you sound so grown-up! I could go on and on...

Ethan I love your daring personality. You will try anything, and nothing will stop you! I love how you could go across the monkey bars when you were only 3. I love how you listen so good to your church and FHE lessons, you amaze me with the information you retain! I love how Daddy is your hero! I love how social you are, you are always wanting to have friends over to play! I love to see how sweet you are with Kade, I can always count on you to keep him entertained! I love your sweet tooth (you got it from me!), you sneak candy just like I did when I was little!

Rhett, I love how you and I are best buds. You are so smart, and try so hard at school. I love how you have stayed on green everyday all of last year and this year too. I love how you idolize your school and church teachers! I love the pictures you color for me and sweet little notes you give me. I love the flowers you pick for me from the backyard. I love your laugh and toothless smile! I love to watch you play video games, you can't sit still! I love to see you read to your little brothers. I love your never forget!!

Cody is going to die when he sees this picture....hee was taken as a joke. Cody I love how hard you work. You put in so many hours and then come home ready to help me. I love how you can't ever sleep in...and let me do it on your days off. I love how you do such a great job at your new calling and don't complain even though you are gone all day Sunday. I love how you are not picky about dinners, you appreciate every meal I make. I love how you love cereal so much....great for nights when dinner just did not happen! I love the huge bowl of ice cream you eat each night! I love how athletic you are, and I enjoy watching you play b-ball. I love the dad you are to our boys...I'm glad you toughen them up because I sure don't!!
So this turned into quite the cheesy post. Sorry about that!! I could go on and on about all the people I am thankful for, but it's getting late and I better get to bed. I hope everyone is doing well!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


7 Things I can do:

1 – Get places on time, I hate being late

2 – Test well even if I haven’t studied the material like I should have…

3 – Find a good deal, I love to shop

4 – Eat a whole package of Ferrero Rocher’s….embarrassing!

5 – Jump off high cliffs into water

6 – A back flip on the trampoline (my boys think it’s cool at least!)

7 – Cook

7 Things I can not do:

1 – Fall asleep fast, it takes me forever even if I’m really tired

2 – Eat breakfast…I’ll do it when I have to but food before 10 makes me feel kind of nauseous.

3 – Go to bed early

4 – Go anywhere besides the gym in my running shoes…I feel so grungy!

5 – Mow the lawn / change the oil / tires / anything manly

6 – Wear Gauchos…my sisters know my views on this one!

7 – text LOL (right Shannon?)

7 Products I love:

1 – L-Oreal Voluminous Mascara, it’s the best!

2 – My Orek….I vacuum with it at least once a day, I’m obsessed

3 – Lip Gloss, always have it on, the cheaper the better

4 – Shimmer Japanese Cherry Blossom Lotion

5 – This shirt from shade (you are all going to laugh… but it’s the best I promise!)

6 – Shabby Apple Dresses (Candace got me hooked! They had a great sale last summer and I got a couple)

7 – Target Jewelry, so cute and so cheap

7 Things I love to eat:

1 – Homemade white bread with butter & jam

2 – Thanksgiving dinner..yum love it all

3 – German Chocolate Pie from Marie Callander’s

4 – White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory

5 – Lettuce Wraps from Pei Wei / PF Changs / or ones my Dad makes

6 – Diet Coke w/ Lime

7 – Cafe Rio Pork Salad

This was should do it too. I'd love to read the answers, especially the products you love! It's so fun to find out new products....the cheaper the better I am not all about the labels. And while we're talking about products...does anyone use a fabric softener that is strong smelling? I *LOVE* the smell of fabric softener on my clothes and my Downy is good, but not strong enough for me!! The other day at the gym a lady walked past me and smelled like Downy x 10.....just what I'm looking for! Overpowering! But I was too shy to ask her what she used... so now you all know how weird I am but if you have any advice let me know! And if I am sniffing your clothes you'll know why!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

{At Last!}

This week was fun.....the boys were so excited for Veterans Day, no school! My Mom had the fun idea to go bowling, and we had so much fun last time so we were up for it again. My boys are so photogenic....

Go Mom!

Cute Brittany

Kade came too...but kept disappearing to go play at the arcade inside. We had fun!
Yesterday Ethan and Rhett learned how to ride their bikes with no training wheels. Ethan's friend Cody learned how so he's been begging for Daddy to take off his wheels! He learned so fast, and was so proud!

So if the 4 year old can do it....then his 7 year old brother needs to learn how, right? Rhett does not like trying new things unless he can do them he's never had the desire to take of his training wheels and we've never pushed him. So I made him do it, and after just about 3 minutes he had the hang of it also. Woo hoo, go boys!
They rode all over on Saturday, and I took them out for a long ride tonight also. Now they are snug asleep in bed and I am loving life! I hope everyone else had a fun week!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


This week was costume-free, and that's a good thing! I am all Halloweened out, if that's a word! The costumes and decorations are high on garage shelves, woo hoo. Now on to Fall....Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can't wait! I get so excited just thinking about all the fun traditions! Last year we started reading Christmas stories each night all during December, it really got us in the spirit. If anyone wants me to forward them on to you, let me know!

Monday morning Cody moved into his new office (new to him!). It's at 99th Ave. and Greenway, in Sun City. This was such a busy week, running all around to Kirklands, Costco Business, Staples, Office Depot, etc trying to get all the things needed to furnish and get his office going for clients on Thursday. We are so proud of Cody and his hard work that earned him this office - all those 60 hour work weeks are paying off. It will be a challenge but he is up for it. Here are some pictures...keep in mind that it's a work in progress and we do have to work with a forest green color scheme!

Front Waiting Area

Cody's Office

There is also a conference room we are still working on and a room where he keeps all his files/fridge/misc.

Here's some more random pictures from the last little while...Ethan with his preschool class:

Ethan showing his flexibility with Aunt Ally....could he be the next Paul Hamm? We hope not!

Today Cody taught the older boys how to do front flips on the trampoline. You know how some people have little tickers on the side of their blog, counting down until they have their baby? Well I need one counting down the time until one of my kids gets a broken bone!





Saturday, November 1, 2008

{Happy Halloween!}

Is it just me...or did it feel like Halloween for the last days? We've been to so many parties and got so much candy it's crazy!! The kids have gotten good use out of their costumes though! Rhett was Darth Vader, Ethan was Spiderman, and Kade wore the dreaded Leopard costume. All my boys have despised that thing! Well I've used it 3 times, so if anyone wants to torture their child with it let me know, it's all yours! It's so cute out, it has a big padded bum and belly - but for some reason my boys don't like it at all when they are 2!

Wednesday we went to a Halloween Party at the gym, and then over to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat. It was fun as usual, I love seeing all the kids from our ward dressed up! This is a cute picture of Kade and his friend Brayden.

Thursday we went to a Costume Bingo at Rhett's school. Grandma, Ally, and Brittany came too! After that we went to a Haunted House in our neighborhood. It was very fun, not too spooky for the kids and they went through again and again.

Friday Rhett brought his costume to school for his character book report. Then we he got home from school we went over to Grandma Flake's to eat a special Halloween Dinner that Ethan and Grandma made. Mummies, witches fingers, broomsticks, Vampire Blood and Bones, and Witches Blood. Then we headed out the door to go trick-or-treating!

There's a Haunted House a block away from my parent's home that is really decked out each year with lots of people dressed up inside ready to scare you as you walk through a tight dark maze. Rhett and Ethan were BEGGING to go in it. Brittany and I tried it out while my Mom took the boy's down the street. It was super scary so we told the boys no. The rest of the night they insisted that they wanted to when we got back to Grandma's they convinced us. Grandpa, Daddy, Mommy, and Brittany took Rhett and Ethan. Ethan had Cody holding him the whole time, and Rhett covered his ears the whole time - but when they came out they were so excited and proud that they had gone through it! Let's hope they don't wake up with bad dreams!!

We got back to Grandma's and they sorted all their candy into different piles. So MUCH candy. We left 1/2 at Grandma's and the rest is hidden in my closet. I should just chuck it! All in all it was a super fun Halloween and we hope you had fun too!
Now can any of you guess who my Uncle Kevin and Aunt Suzi are dressed as?