Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I am thankful for books! I LOVE to read, and can't wait for winder break when I can put down the nursing books and read for pleasure again! Until then getting great books for my kids from the library makes me happy too! I try to take Kade there once a week, but on weeks when we don't I love just requesting books online and I can run in and there is a stack of great books just waiting for me. Right now a favorite author of ours is Julia Donaldson, she has a wonderful way of rhyming. We love "Room On The Broom", "The Gruffalo", and others - if you have little ones check them out, your kids will love them.


Jess said...

Books are the best thing ever!!! I couldn't survive life without books! And we read "Room on the Broom" till it disintegrated in our hands! We just HAD to buy another copy. hehehe... xD

Sam and Melissa said...

Wow, that is quite a stack of books there! You are such a good mom.

Locamoniqua said...

Me too!!! I just hate all of our library fines we get when we forget to turn in our books. I'm terrible with that!