Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{Day 1}

I have soooo many pictures from our trip so I thought it would be easier to break it down into days! This is probably boring to everyone else but I want to remember all the fun moments that made our trip so fabulous!

A few years ago Cody's family decided to do a reunion every other year, and the siblings would take turns being in charge. This was our year, and a year ago we told everyone that we were going to go to Disneyland :o). Let's face it, no one wants to come to AZ for a vacation in the summer and the drive from UT to Disneyland was only 7 miles more than the drive from UT to AZ! It's only 5 hours for us though...not bad at all! We had such a great time I am already planning on doing the same trip next fall!

Only 3 out of the 7 families ended up being able to come, but we had a great time with the ones that did come. Cody's parents came, Kael and Monica and their three kids (Kendyll is 8, Logan is 4, Crew is 1, and Monica is expecting), Danny and Lesli (they brought Ashton who is 4 but left Lucy who is 1 back in UT with Grandma M.), and our family came. We also brought my little sister Ally along (she's 12) to be our little nanny and help out.

We met at the hotel Wednesday late afternoon and then went to a local Mexican Restaurant. After some good food we went back to the hotel and went swimming and relaxed in the hot tub.

Ashton, Logan, and Ethan were best buddies. They are just a few months apart.

Ethan & Grandpa Ashton, Cody & Rhett

Brooke, Kade, & Grandma Ashton

Ally & the boys


Candace said...

I've been wondering what you have been up to.

The Cowand Family said...

Wow 3 whole families together at DLand? That's sounds like tons of fun!! I am so jealous!! Neither my family nor PD's would do that. You are so lucky Brooke.

The Biancamano Family said...

How fun! I have been waiting to see these pics!!! FUN TIMES!!! Glad it all worked out and I bet next year will be just as fun!!

I love the pic of all of you on the roller coaster!! That looks like and Ad!

Arianne Pearce said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!! Makes me want to go again!