Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Mud Mania}

Every year in Scottsdale they hold "Mud Mania" at a park. We have always wanted to go, and this year it worked out!

Kade wasn't so sure...he splashed around a bit but after a while he was done.

Rhett and Ethan got to go in the big mud pit and they loved it!

Aunt April and her cute kids came too!

Ethan and Mason won the prize for most muddy.....they were having the time of their lives!

Titan kept us laughing with his funny faces.

Cuties Ryya and Chloe

Kade was ready to go home!

Before we left Ethan and Mason went on the obstacle course...they did great!


Sam and Melissa said...

I love the first picture of Kade, so cute. He looks huge in the stroller, ha ha. But I would do that over carrying him anyday :)Looks like tons of fun. I don't know how you stayed mud-free!

Locamoniqua said...

Looks like boy heaven! How fun.