Sunday, July 17, 2011

{St George Day 1}

This summer we wanted to get away with the kids for a few days....we love St. George for hiking and cooler weather at night so we decided we'd go there! Cody turned it into a mini-Ashton reunion and those that could come from his family met us there!

We arrived Wednesday night and had fun swimming in the hotel pool. Thursday morning we met Danny and Lesli's family, and Dustin and April's family at IHOP for breakfast. The kids outnumbered us 10 to 6...but they were so well behaved and so excited to see each other.

After breakfast Dustin's family continued on their way up to Logan, and Lesli's family headed up with us to Zion's canyon for some hiking. The drive through the canyon was amazing, it is so beautiful there!

It was a fun hike - very steep drops off the side in some parts, and windy at the top! That means Kade and I were buddies most of the way (it didn't help that before we started hiking he said "I had a dream that I just jumped off a cliff!")

After a gourmet lunch of lunchables and oreos we made our way back down.

Cody and Danny took the older boys (Rhett, Ethan, and Ashton) on a longer hike while Lesli and I took Kade and Lucy to an indoor playplace. They zonked out in the car on our way there, pretty cute.

Later that night the boys worked out with Dad in the gym (where Rhett had an unfortunate treadmill incident) and we had fun swimming in the pool.

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Laraine Eddington said...

I want to hear about the unfortunate treadmill incident. Your family disasters are always hilarious, at least from my perspective.