Monday, April 21, 2008

{My Little Monkey} Kade how I love you so much!! You are such a little monkey, climbing on everything you can!! You follow Ethan around trying to do everything he does. Everyday I find you on my bathroom countertops, trying to eat my toothpaste....on my kitchen table, standing and trying to play with the light....moving your highchair to things you want and then climbing on top of the tray so you can reach up high. You are so silly, so busy, and never let me rest but I still love you lots!! You are 18 months now and I can't imagine life without you.
You give the sweetest kisses (slobbery but sincere!) and you are a momma's boy for sure! You LOVE balls and so we have lots of them all around the house for you to throw or go fetch. You can say lots of words but it depends on your mood, sometimes you prefer to just vocalize your wants with a high pitch scream! We are trying to break you of that habit!
You love to follow your brothers and they love you lots too. They rush to your crib when you wake up and climb in with you. They love to play baby-monster with you where they run and hide under a blanket and then you come and fall on the blanket and smash them. Ethan gives you fast rides when you sit in the walker. Rhett reads books to you and gives you lots of kisses. Daddy chases you and hits you with your soft balls which you love :o). We love you kade-a-babe and are so glad you are in our family!!

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Brook said...

Kade is growing up so fast! Lauryn does the exact same screaming thing...nerve racking! These little ones coming to earth have STRONG spirits and personalities I think. I think it's great that you are posting all the memories about your kids! I started a journal especially for that too!