Sunday, July 17, 2011

{St. George Day 2}

Day 2 was lots of fun....after breakfast we met at an indoor trampoline place....wall to wall trampolines and lots of fun obstacle courses, dodgeball areas, etc. The kids loved every minute. After lunch the boys were sweet and let Lesli and I do some damage at the outlets...we had a great time! Then we all went to dinner at The Pizza Factory (where Lesli discovered my love for breadsticks....I couldn't stop eating them) and then at the kids request: Frozen Yogurt. Kade won the prize for grossest flavor combination: Tigers blood with gummi bears. He ate every bite.

That night we went swimming again, my kids love to be in the water (what kid doesn't?)

Kade pushed his Daddy in and thought that was so funny!


Cute Rhett loved the hot tub.

The kids love it when Cody throws them in....again Daddy, again!!


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