Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Rhett's 9th Birthday}

Rhett turned 9 this month, and as it is for all children the day was greatly anticipated! He had everything planned out on paper....and took great care to plan his party and keep lots of lists so we would stay organized :o) We let the kids open their presents right when they wake up in the morning so Daddy can be there too before he leaves for work.

Rhett was happy to receive some star wars legos, two diamondbacks shirts, and a cool new bike. Ethan was quick to remember the tradition of birthday spanks.

Next we went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Flake's house.

The highlight of Rhett's day was when Grandpa took him and Ethan to a Diamondbacks game. If you have been around Rhett lately you know he is *obsessed* with baseball and especially the Diamondbacks. He will talk you ear off about player stats, games, etc! They had a great time.

When they came back we came to our house and played baseball at the park across the street and Rhett tried out his new bike.

For dinner Rhett requested Roasted Tomato Soup (funny, huh?) and Chocolate Fudge Cake. The first cake picture is from a few days prior when Aunt Brittany spoiled him and made him a cake before she left for BYU-I.

A few days after his birthday Rhett had his party. We went to see Despicable Me at the drive-in, and the kids had a great time. I am so glad that he has so many good friends, they were all so well behaved and fun to be around.

There are so many things we love about Rhett
*he is so thoughtful
*he tries hard to choose the right
*he is a good example to his younger brothers
*he is a great friend
*he wants to be a professional baseball player
*teachers love him because he tries so hard to be good
*he LOVES cub scouts
*he also loves Star Wars
*he shares his Dad's passion for cereal and ice cream

We LOVE you Rhett!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

{Summer Catch Up}

I have a bunch of random pictures I am going to throw together in this post...and then I will be caught up...almost!!

We love summer storms, and after the hail stopped Ethan and Kade ran outside to enjoy playing in the rain. Then we jumped on our bikes and rode to the park in the rain....not very practical but we had a great time!!

Our ward camp-out was lots of I heard! I stayed home this year and had some girl time with Chloe while Cody bravely took our three boys + Mason (we had Mason and Chloe for the weekend). They came home dirty but had such a great time!!

Can you tell we are getting a little attached to Socks??

Cody has been wanting to get one of these for months...I have resisted because I am afraid of broken windows and lights. Now that we have it I will concede and admit that Cody was is a lot of fun!

The boys all started school in August! Rhett is in the 3rd grade and has the same teacher as last year, Ms. Malasnik. She moved up a grade and took her whole class with her. Rhett is lucky, she is an amazing teacher who really cares about each of her students. Ethan is in 1st grade, and has Mrs. Encarnacion. She was Rhett's Kindergarten teacher, and she rocks too! She pushes her class and I know Ethan will learn a lot this year! Kade is in preschool and goes four times a week for 2-1/2 hours. I am going to school full time so that helps to be able to do schoolwork during the day instead of just at night. Kade's favorite part about school is riding bikes outside and of course snack time :o)

Kade and I have lots of fun together while the older boys are at school all day. He is always keeping me laughing with his expressions and funny things he does. He is always telling me "Mom take a picture!"

A couple weekends ago Grandma and Grandpa Ashton came into town for Mason's baptism. It was a special weekend and we had a great time being together.

Monday, September 13, 2010


When I was growing up my favorite place to visit was Snowflake, and I love how the tradition has carried on and my boys love it too. We always talk about heading up there for the weekend but with sports and Cody's busy job we don't make it happen. We ALWAYS make time for going up for the Pioneer Celebration though, and look forward to it all summer long. The picture above of the road leading to my Grandparent's home makes me excited just to look at....there is nothing like going to Grandma's house! White picket fences, big red barn, swinging from the tree branches, horses, frogs, snakes, all you can eat snow-cones thanks to the new fun machine, and dozens of cousins makes this the best vacation ever for little boys and their mom too :o)

The boys always love holding the kittens, and have no fear when it comes to catching snakes that they find slithering across the grass. Jon and Cody took them "froggin'" one night and they were proud to show the frogs they caught.

Uncle Scott hosted our big bunch over at his house for a BBQ and basketball. I love catching up with all my aunt and uncles, we all live in Arizona but only get together a few times a year.

The Lance Flake Golf Tournament was fun also, my cousin Lance passed away four years ago and we always remember how passionate he was about sports.

Four Wheeler rides are all my boys want to do and Rhett and Ethan felt pretty cool giving Mom a ride (and some scares!)

Keaton and Uncle Scott saddled up their miniature ponies and the kids loved to ride them around the lawn.

The parade is always fun too, Rhett and Ethan rode on my Grandma's float with their cousins and Kade had a great time catching candy and cheering for the floats. We had a great time and can't wait to go back soon!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

{Day Camp}

This summer Rhett attended his first Cub Scout Day Camp. It was in the *HOT* 100+ degree weather but the boys didn't seem to mind one bit! I was able to go the first day and see all the fun things they were able to participate in: swimming, archery, bb guns, etc! Rhett LOVES scouts and I am so thankful for his great leaders who sacrifice a lot of time to help him earn his badges. He earned his wolf badge and has now become a bear. We are proud of Rhett and love his enthusiasm with the scouting program!