Tuesday, October 13, 2009

{Rhett's 8th Birthday!}

Rhett's birthday was September 6th, a day he had been looking forward to for a long time! He woke up early to open his presents before Dad left for work, and was happy to get some Star Wars toys he'd been wanting.

Ethan had gone shopping with me the night before, insisting that we needed to get Rhett a pet for his birthday. Being the non-pet person I am, I told him he could choose a lizard or a fish. Ethan carefully selected a Beta fish (or data fish as he still calls it). I love the picture below of Ethan looking to see Rhett's reaction when he unwrapped (took a towel off) of the bowel and saw his pet.

It's been over a month and the fish (Patrick) is still alive. That's great for us, our lizard and frogs lasted under a week. Rhett kept saying "I didn't know a fish was such a fun pet!"

Rhett's birthday was on a Sunday so that night we had Dustin and April's family as well as my family over for ice cream sundaes. A few days later Rhett had a movie themed party with some friends where they had fun playing games, eating pizza, watching a short Scooby-doo movie and then having cake and ice cream. He has so many great friends, and it made him so happy that they would come to his party.

Happy Birthday Rhett!! We love you lots!!


wittygal said...

Looks like a fun birthday. Eight is such a great age. It is one of the only birthdays that I remember as a kid.

Krazy Kobels said...

Looks like fun. Be careful with that fish, we had ours for about a year and one day I saw it jump out. I quickly put it bcak in the bowl, but the next week he jumped out again and we came home to a dead fish!!!

Sam and Melissa said...

I love how excited they are for a fish. Poor, pet deprived kids. But I'll do the same thing to mine :)

Shelby said...

I love how excited they got over the fish. It is sweet that Ethan was so excited to get Rhett a pet! Happy birthday Rhett!

Locamoniqua said...

I'm glad that Rhett had such a great birthday. A fish is such a perfect pet. I also heard that he had a great baptism day! Wish we lived closer so we could have been there.