Friday, May 1, 2009

{Spring Fun}

We have have had a nice long spring with great weather, and since we know the heat is coming we try to be outside as much as we can! A part of me is excited to get into swimsuit weather and take the kids to the pool, but I know it's always a long summer full of lots of sunscreen applications and hot cars so I try to keep that in mind :o). The boys are very excited for swim lessons though, and can't wait for Grandpa Flake to take the top off his pool. I finished my semester and it's nice to have some free time in the evenings.

A few weeks ago my Mom and I took Ethan and Kade to an outdoor amusement park in downtown Phoenix. The kids had fun, but it was a bit pricey even with coupons so I'm not sure if I'd go back. When we first arrived the park was full of children from a head start program and it was making me feel claustrophobic. They were "in my bubble" (hee hee Melissa). Luckily they didn't stay for long, and after they left we had the park basically to ourselves so the kids went on the rides over and over with no waits.
have had a nice long spring with great weather, and since we know the heat is coming we try to be outside

Kade took his job driving very seriously, he thought he really was steering :o)

This was Ethan's favorite ride, a little roller coaster that went pretty fast.

Ethan loved the spinning ride also.

Bumper Boats


They were not strict on height restrictions, so when Kade snuck in line for the roller coaster they let him right on. My Mom and I watched amazed as he rode around, even putting his arms in the air when the big kids did. My youngest two have no fear! (He's in the back)

Rhett escorted me to his school's Mother Son Dance a few weeks ago. He looks forward to this all spring, and I love to have some one on one time with him. This year they had a dinner first, and then we went into the gym where there was a DJ and lots of sports games and stations to have fun at.

Playing Hockey together

Busting a move...
Ethan of course was in tears that he didn't get to come too, but next year he'll be in Kindergarten so I'll have two dates :o). My boys are growing up so fast....
I wanted to remind those that wanted to, to please e-mail me your recipes. I know a lot of people have expressed interest but you are like me and procrastinate :o). I have received a couple e-mails so far, but if you want to join the fun please e-mail me your recipe(s) by next WEDNESDAY and then I'll e-mail you back a list of all of them together a few days after that. I have a lot of great ones I'm adding so you don't want to miss out! One of which is a yummy chicken taco recipe that you do in the crock pot with some fabulous corn salsa you add on top! You will love it, I'm sure! Hope everyone is doing well :o)


Mama Apes... said...

Wow brooke bustin the moves and even in heels...your deserve the all around mommy award! What a fun idea to have a mom and son dance!

Herbert Family said...

I was gonna ask you about the recipe thing. I will get on it an email you some before Wed

Locamoniqua said...

Sounds like you are having lots of fun! You are super talented to hula hoop in heels! How fun to have a "date" with your kids.

Karla Rauch said...

First of all the hula hoop looks like fun...
Second, your sister's are amazing dancers. I loved watching them at the ward talent show. Britney is so graceful and elegant.

Shel said...

Looks like soo much fun! I am with should win a HUGE award for hula hooping in heels!! And I can tell anyone...your chicken tacos are divine!! YUM!! As was the salsa....sooo yummy we devoured what you sent home with us! Thank Brooke! We love being with you guys! Carter keeps asking to play at your house with your boys some more! We should hit the park soon...or our turn to have you over! :)

Tiffani said...

You guys are always doing such fun things. I can't believe Kade on the roller coaster.

And you're such a babe at the school dance. I can see why Rhett is so proud to take you!

I really want to participate in the recipe thing, so I'll be sending you a few. I can't wait to get your recipes!

Hutchinson said...

Looks so fun. Your boys are growing way to fast. I would love to get a list of your recipes so I will try and email one to you too.

Sam and Melissa said...

Wow Rhett is getting TALL! Crazy. I am so excited to see you! We need to decide what fun things to do during our couple of days together. You leave this month! I can't wait.

Tanner Fam said...

What a fun time....and look at you, with the hula hoop and heels. I always knew you were talented.

leslie s said...

I have to say I envy your hula hooping skills!! I can't do it even with my life on the line. :)

What a darling mom you are - He is one lucky boy to have you!!

Ps...Really cute outfit by the way!!