Tuesday, October 28, 2008

{The latest}

A week ago we went to Tuscon to hear my cousin Brayden's farewell talk! I have lived in AZ all these years and have never been to Tuscon....how funny is that? He gave a great talk and I am so grateful for him being such an amazing example for my boys. My Dad's side of the family is huge - he is the oldest of 11 kids. I love it when we all get together, there are so many people but it is so much fun! They are all strong in the church and everyone genuinely cares about each other.

This last week has been busy and fun. I had my mid-terms which I was cramming for and I was also taking my boys over each night to my parent's house in Peoria. They were gone to Hawaii so I was staying nights over there helping drive my sister's to ballet, soccer, and school. Brittany is 17 so she did a lot of driving also. I love my sisters and it was so fun to stay up late talking and playing games.

We went to their ward's Trunk or Treat last Saturday night. Cody was happy to stay home with Kade since our ward is having on this Wednesday. The boys really wanted me to dress up this year so I did...and it was fun! I can't convince Cody to though! I had some good ideas....so maybe next year!

I've been having fun with my camera....the pictures are so much clearer!

This was a couple weeks ago celebrating Becca's 30th Birthday! I love these girls!
Other news is that Cody got a new calling....goodbye nursery and hello Ward Clerk! More like goodbye to Cody on Sundays! That's okay though, he will do a great job and learn a lot. Well that's the latest around here! I'm sure I'll be back soon with lots of Halloween pictures...hope everyone has a great Halloween! I love this time of year!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

{Birthday Boys}

October 2nd was Kade's 2nd Birthday!! In some ways it has flown by - but in other ways is seems so strange to remember life without him!! We love Kade so, so much and had fun spoiling him on his birthday. He woke up to Rhett and Ethan singing to him by his crib. They treated him extra special all day and he loved all the extra attention!!

His favorite toy was this car station with ramps and an elevator. He plays with it everyday now. He was unsure about opening his presents, he let his brothers do it for him and they happily obliged!

Then the Flakes came over and Aunt Ally brought him his favorite present of all....a balloon. I love how easy they are to please at this age! He proudly walks around saying "Birthday Balloon! From Ally!" It's still floating...17 days later!

We are not big cake-eaters around here so I made an ice cream pie. He was pretty excited to blow out those candles!

I have been reflecting on Kade and the joy he brings to our house. I watched his birth video that my Aunt Laraine made for me. I wish so badly I had one for my other two boys - it is the most amazing video and brings me to tears everytime I watch it. He was such an easy birth and recovery...as most second and third births are. I chose to stay in the hospital 2 full days after he was born - usually I rush home but this time I wanted to be able to just enjoy my newborn with some peace before I was surrounded by the wants and needs of my other two boys. I just held and loved on Kade for all that time and it was just the best!! Maybe that's why he was spoiled after that??

Kade has been my hardest baby for sure! He slept fine - but he was quite demanding and had the highest pitch scream that would rattle me to the bone!! I am so happy to say that ever since he started talking it has been like night and day of a difference. He is in the cutest stage right now. Things I love about Kade...

*huge brown eyes with the longest lashes *how he says "tank you" everytime you give him something or do something for him *his strong hugs that he so passionately gives you *wet kisses *how he runs to me so fast yelling "mama!" when I come back from somewhere *his love and adoration for his big brothers *his prayers at mealtime in his serious voice *how he'll say AMEN! in the middle of a long prayer, when he thinks it should be done *how he brings the boys their shoes each morning without them asking *he is Rhett's biggest fan at soccer, yelling "go Rhett!" the entire game *how much he loves talking on the phone, especially to Daddy *his independent streak *he's a monkey and a daredevil, just like Ethan....I could go on and on...we love you Kade!

Now on to the next birthday boy....Cody turned 31 on October 7th. The boys worked so hard making him cards for his birthday. They also went to the store with me and picked out his favorite treats.

We all got up early to be with him before he heads off to work at 6am!

I have said this so many times, but I feel so lucky and blessed to have married this man. I was so young, barely 20 when we married and though I knew it was right, I had no idea how great of a man he was. He is one of the hardest working men I know - and so very ambitious. He shoots for the stars, and then goes after them with passion. He has gone through a lot of job changes, always moving up to bigger and better things. The last three jobs he moved on from still e-mail him, wanting him to come back to work for them. He is just a genuine, honest, hard worker and I'm sure that's hard to fine.

He is such an amazing father and example to his 3 little boys of what a man should be and how he should treat his wife. He puts us first, no matter what. I try hard to support him, especially with this challenging new career which after the long run should be so worth it! We try to always have a good meal waiting for him and a clean house to come home to (even if that means running around cleaning 10 minutes before he gets home!!). Love you hon and look forward to many more birthdays to come!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

{I'm back....}

The happy news....we bought a new camera! Ya hoo! Bad news....I still don't have a way to get the birthday pictures I have off of my old camera! So I will have to post those ones later when I figure out how to get them off with no cord. Shannen, maybe I can borrow your memory card thingy?

While I'm waiting, here's some miscellaneous pictures from the last few months that I thought were cute. The first two are Ethan and Kade. They have a special bond since they are home together while Rhett's at school. Kade cries every time I drop Ethan off at preschool!! They love each other so much. Don't get me wrong...Ethan teases Kade and makes him scream - but most of them time they play together so well.

Here they are pretending to be going to bed in the middle of the day, they thought they were so funny.
Ethan loves giving horse rides to Kade...then he turns into a bucking bronco and off Kade flies!

Rhett has started soccer....you can see that when mom gets him ready for his games she puts the shin guards on all wrong! I am learning! He is getting more aggressive each time...we love to go watch his practices and games and cheer him on! Kade is great at yelling "Go Rhett!" Ethan wishes he was old enough to play, he always wears shin guards as well and brings his soccer ball to practice on the sidelines. Last Saturday he joined a group of 12 year old girls as they warmed up for their game. They let him play along and he felt pretty cool!

Rhett's only request for his birthday was a whistle... He and Ethan love to pretend they are coaches.

Here's Ethan being silly at Cabellas

Sweet Kade always ready to say cheese! He is talking so much, I love it! He says sentences now...today he was telling me in the car "Go Fast Mom!", "Good Job Mom!" (when I was going fast), and "Watch Out Mom!". He makes me laugh....I LOVE THIS AGE!! When they tell you they "yov you" and "tank you" for every little thing.

Lastly, my beautiful sister Brittany went to Homecoming. She looks so cute in her dress....love you Brit!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

{Camera Issues...}

I am behind on my posting (two birthday have gone by!) because a naughty little boy cut my camera cord that transfers my pics onto my computer. My camera is so OLD that they don't sell the cord anymore....I am hoping this means I get a new camera!! We'll see.......so more updates coming soon!!