Tuesday, September 25, 2007

{Hello Fall}

Has fall started yet? I'm not sure. But I am telling my boys it's fall, our weather is finally getting nice!! I just love this time of year. It goes by so fast, next week will be Kade's first birthday, then Cody's 30th!!! Then Halloween - Rhett will be Spiderman, Ethan will be Buzz Lightyear, and Kade will be a green monster. After that, in November we are heading up to Utah to spend Thanksgiving with Cody's family. We haven't been up there since Christmas, so we are super excited, and so are the boys! They are expecting snow like last time, so we'll see if that happens.

Not much is new in the Ashton household. Kade said a couple new things today, but we'll see if he says them again! A couple weeks ago he said Mom a couple of times. He hasn't said it since. Today he said Ba Ba (his bottle) and Ma Ma. Of course he's mastered Ga Ga and the high-pitched scream takes care of his other needs quite effectively. He has been so much happier since he started crawling a few months ago. He is a sweet baby; I just wish he would snuggle with me once in a while! He always likes to be held facing outward, he can't even stand to lay still and drink his bottle.

Ethan has had some fun play dates with friends, and today we had some friends over here. It's so fun when they actually play with friends, and I can leave them alone and do stuff around the house!! Of course Kade is following them around, knocking down their block towers. Ethan kept saying "Oh man!" which I hadn't heard him say before. He's funny when friends come over, he tries to impress them.

Rhett continues to love school, his teacher told me today that he is always complimenting her, telling her she looks beautiful or that her handwriting is very nice. He is so in love with her!! She is a great teacher, very strict with behavior but that's what they need at that age or they can get out of control fast! Rhett has two loose teeth, which he is very excited about.

Cody keeps busy with work, he leaves early in the morning and gets home late. He has such a good attitude about it, I would complain about it for sure! School is going good; I am almost done with my cell bio and genetics, thank goodness. Math and English are cake compared to that class. I am having fun though; it's exciting to learn new things. Well, that's the latest in our house. Nothing too new, just life!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


My sweet little innocent Kindergartner is entering the world of boy crazy girls!! Yikes. Last week he told me that the girls chase the boys at recess, but they never catch him luckily...he seems to enjoy the chase though! Yesterday as he was eating his after school snack he announced that he has a new best friend, Hailey. I asked who she was and he told me "Hailey is in my class, but we don't sit at the same table. When we go to Art, we sit at a table together and she rubs my back. She says I'm her boyfriend." Oh boy, am I over reacting to think No, No, No!!? I guess I'll need to talk to him about what's ok and what's not, and if it keeps happening talk to the teacher. I just don't like the idea of a girl rubbing his back (and head he later told me). Weird!! This is a picture of Rhett with a brain hat and lovely outfit showcasing his major organs.

This is a picture of Rhett and Ethan "helping" Kade learn how to walk. They surround him like this wherever he goes, they just love to be holding him, kissing him, playing with him. He'll go to their pile of toys and knock them down and mess them up and they just say "It's okay mommy, he's just a baby, he doesn't know better". I'm sure this won't last much longer but I am loving it while it does. They love him so much and he lights up when they come towards him.

Kade is getting close to walking, Rhett and Ethan both started walking righ before they turned one so looks like he's right on track. He loves having his picture taken, unlike his two older brothers!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

{ Crazy Ethan }

This is a weird angle, but Ethan has been entertaining us with his karate kicks, summersaults, and splits. It's a strange dance routine, that's for sure. His aunt Brittany is his inspiration... What do you guys think of the new header? Didn't Ashlee do a great job? THANKS ASH!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

{ Dinosaur Party }

Rhett's party was last Saturday...15 girls and boys whipping through my party games like you wouldn't belive! I had 6 games planned and we went through them so fast! It was lots of fun, he loved every minute of it. I took lots of pictures (of course!) and here are some.....

The kids are making a dinosaur with play-doh

Playing "Don't eat the dinosaur egg" (don't eat Pete) - this was a big hit :o)

The kids are searching for dinosaur eggs (Easter Eggs)

Doing a relay race with dino feet made from cereal boxes, spoons, and dino eggs.

You can call me Martha now. (don't look too close though)

Ahhh....the best part. Presents.

Showing their eggs, what cute kids. They were all so well behaved. Happy Birthday Rhett - the week of celebration is OVER!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

{Rhett's 6th B-day!}

Look at my cute birthday boy, reveling in every birthday moment!! Rhett has been looking forward to this day for a LONG time, now Ethan starts the 6 month count down! When I went to take cupcakes to Rhett's class I had to sign in at the office. The secretary said "You must be Rhett's mom!" I said "How did you know?" Then she went on to tell me that she helps at the playground at lunch and Rhett has been talking to her about his birthday since school started! She said he's invited all the kids, and all the staff to his party this Saturday. Oh boy! When I went into his class he had the happiest little smile on his face and he was so excited. All the kids
were cheering because they knew I brought treats. When they sang to him he was loving every minute. He is very excited for his party on Saturday with his friends. It seems like he's been in my life for a long time, but it seems so strange that he is 6 years old. He brings so much joy into our lives and is such a sweet son and big brother to Ethan and Kade.

Ethan was a good boy, he didn't blow out Rhett's candles this year!

We're trying to take a cute family picture but you know that never happens! Kade's screaming and pulling my hair, Rhett's doing the freaky smile and Ethan's sneaking cake. Cody looks good though!

Me and the Birthday Boy playing his new game.

Rhett doing "the claw" with my mom, isn't my mom beautiful??

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

{Fun with Friends}

There's a splash park not too far from where we live, after dropping the older kids off at school we went to let the little ones get wet and release some energy! It was lots of fun, and no injuries!!

Kade loves to have his picture taken,
I'm partial, but isn't he adorable?

Kade was crawling all over, he likes
to get wet.

Ethan and his buddies.

Look at those muscles! Tough boys.