Monday, July 18, 2011

{Kauai Part 1}

*****I am so very far behind on my blog that I almost want to give up. But I am going to try very hard to catch goes. I started this post several months ago....******

Where do I begin? Even though our trip was just over a month ago it already feels so long ago! We knew we wanted to go somewhere this summer....Cody was rooting for Alaska and I wanted Hawaii...we compromised by going to an island neither of us had been to, Kauai, as well as a few days on Oahu to visit Melissa (my sister) and Sam.

When we arrived on Kauai we got our rental car and headed to our resort. When we went to Oahu a few years ago our hotel room was very cheap....but also had holes in the walls, was ancient, and as a matter of fact was torn down and doesn't exist anymore. This time I splurged a bit and was able to get a great deal on Priceline at the Sheraton...the continental breakfast and great location made it worth the extra $. When we arrived we found out we were upgraded to a ocean view room, woo hoo!

The Koi ponds were fun, lots of bright big fish.

The view from our room (sorry Cody)

After unpacking we walked along the felt so good to move around after a long day of traveling.

This big sea turtle was just hanging out, we saw quite a few.

The next day after breakfast we set off to go on a hike (Kipu Falls)that friends recommended, as did our awesome book "The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook" told where to eat, swim, hike, snorkel, did not let us down and we used it for everything.

There were even more wild chickens on Kauai than there were on Oahu. They are everywhere. Cody sent one to chicken-heaven when he hit it with our rental car going quite fast on the highway. Whoops.....poor birdy. Feathers flew up in the air, it was quite a site.

{Random Pics}

I am trying very hard to catch my blog up before my school starts up again (this Friday). It has been a great 5 weeks of freedom...most of spent being entertained by these three monkeys of mine....

Ethan soars through the air.....{PS} don't let him know I put this on the blog, he would not be happy!

Who knew that a singing bunny would bring Kade such joy?

Ethan had the idea for a carwash....he's saving up for a new basketball jersey (he has a Lebron James one but since they lost he would now like a Dirk Nowitzki one....quite the fair weather fan!)

Dbacks games.....

Going out on the town to celebrate 11 fabulous years of marriage!

My one armed child helped me make and decorate (dump on the sprinkles) cupcakes.

Ethan wanted to grow his hair out and his spikes grew dangerously high....luckily he just had a haircut Saturday, it looks much better.

The kids love to play outside during summer monsoon storms.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Coming Home}

After a good night's sleep we packed up and headed back to HOT AZ. We were excited to stop at the Turners beautiful new home....our dear friends who left us about a year was so fun to see how much their kids have grown and catch up.....

{Day 4 Trampolines}

We had so much fun bouncing around at Anti Gravity.....of course when there are Ashtons around everything turns into a competition! All the adults got passes to and raced through the obstacle courses (not without a few injuries and several rug burns....but worth it!)

Colten impressed us with his back flips off the side walls.

Dodgeball was Ethan, Rhett, and Ashton's favorite...they didn't come out of that area once...

{Day 3 Hiking}

Day 3 in St George we were happy to have Teri and Jace's family join us as well as Lesli's. We did some fun hiking in Snow Canyon, hit up the bounce place again (pics in following post), and had fun swimming. Here are the hiking pictures.....

Ashlyn offered to watch our kids in their off the adults went to a restaurant. We had lots of fun...a little too much fun (as you can see Lesli can't contain herself in this picture)

We returned back to the hotel to find our babysitters sleeping....

Kids sleeping squished in chairs.....

On the floor....

and in the rooms....except for Kade who was enjoying leftover pizza and watching cartoons.