Thursday, December 18, 2008


Our December has flown by - as I'm sure it has for most of you as well! One more week until Christmas....I wish time would slow down because I am not ready for this month to be over! Especially since I have finals on Saturday...wish me luck!!

Last week I went with Rhett and Ethan to the IMAX at Arizona Mills. Even though they don't look thrilled, we had fun watching the movie with sharks and sea creatures!

Afterwards we went and ate at The Rainforest Cafe. The best part of course was the Lava Mud and Worms they boys chose for desert...yum!
Tonight was Rhett's Holiday Concert! All the 1st graders dressed up and sang Christmas songs. (Rhett's still working on finding a "natural" smile).

He's made some great friends this year....

The next stop was the Ward Christmas party. Kade loved the cupcakes :o)

Kade's best bud Brayden was there so of course they ran around together, trying to escape from Mom!

Santa was there, even if you can't see him under the boys! Rhett would like a black whistle, Ethan wants a transformer, and Kade wants a cow to supply his daily milk demands.

This last Santa picture is a picture of a picture....I couldn't get my scanner going tonight. The boys also got to see Santa last week when he came to Rhett's school.

I hope everyone is having a great December.....XOXO! -Brooke


Tiffani said...

I love that your boys are wearing flip flops in that picture with Santa...only in AZ right?! You guys are always doing such fun things. We love the IMAX theatre. And isn't the ward Christmas party always a joy?! We actually went out to eat after ours last week. Does that tell you something about the food? Your kids looked like they had a great time though. Merry Christmas!

Ally said...

Those pictures are so cute Brooke, especially the one of Kade eating the cupcake...

Mama Apes... said...

Such a cute pic of you and your boys brooke!!