Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On December 18th we got a heartbreaking call from Cody's father Gene that four of Teri's kids (Cody's oldest sister) had been in a car accident. Snowy icy roads caused Ashlyn who was driving to spin and end up in front of oncoming traffic. M'Gwire passed away on the scene, and Bridger was life flighted to SLC, and Ashlyn and Savanah were taken to another hospital. Cody was able to fly out that night and we were devestated to hear that Bridger was not going to make it. We all drove up to Logan a few days later and were able to be together as we remembered and buried these two sweet little boys who we will never forget.

The town came together and wrapped the Ferguson family in their arms as so many flowers, gifts, donations, meals, acts of service, and other thoughtful things were done for their family. As we left the chapel where funeral services were held and went on to the cemetery, they released hundreds of balloons into the air.

Bridger Maxum H. Ferguson was born June 23, 2000, in Logan, Utah. Out of all his siblings, Bridger managed to stand out as the "exclamation point" in the family. No matter what Bridger did, he did it with passion and great enthusiasm. Bridger loved playing football and basketball and was recruited for many super league teams in both football and basketball. He loved the outdoors, hiking, camping and especially hunting with his dad and brothers. Bridger's appetite for knowledge was endless and he wore his siblings and parents out with his nonstop questions and opinions about life and beyond. In school he was an excellent student and excelled in all areas of school, being in accelerated reading and math classes. He always took on the roll of "Sergeant - General" and had to be in charge at all times. It was not uncommon during half time of many of his football games, to be seen talking to his coach, one on one, and the coach was listening and Bridger was instructing. This was Bridger's nature in all that he did. Bridger was very compassionate with his siblings and was always concerned about their welfare and happiness. He was often found helping one of them go to Primary when they didn't want to go or give them hugs when they were hurt. At the end of each day, he would go to his parents and siblings and tell them that "He Loved Them" in the most sincere way, and he meant it.

M'Gwire Ethan Ferguson was born June 29, 2003.
M'Gwire was the youngest of four brothers. Anyone who met M'Gwire would never forget the sparkle in his eye, the radiant smile on his face, and his tender, soft-spoken voice.
M'Gwire loved being outdoors, no matter what the weather was. If it snowed, he was always the first one to get his snow gear on and go out to play in it. If it was sunny, he would ride his bike around in circles. Even though he was the youngest and smallest of his brothers, he never saw himself that way. He thought that he could do anything they could do, jumping bikes, snowmobiling, football, basketball or anything else. He couldn't wait until next year when he would be old enough to participate in full contact football like his older brothers. He was small but mighty and he aimed to prove it.
In spite of his competitive nature, he had a heart as big as all outdoors towards his sisters and was always helping them and loving them. He especially had a tender spot for his baby sister Marisa. He was her constant companion, playmate, and endless protector. No matter what, Marisa could do no wrong in his eyes.
Having eight brothers and sisters, M'Gwire stood out as the peacemaker in our home, where he was often found trying to make everyone happy. He always enjoyed and found comfort in sneaking into Mom and Dad's bed in the middle of the night.

Words can't express how much we will miss these sweet boys. Rhett and Ethan include them in their prayers at night and have pictures of their cousins in their room. Their favorite memory about Bridger is that he would always teach them how to wrestle and play with them. Bridger was so energetic and always up for anything. Ethan is M'Gwire's age and he loved to play with him when we came to Utah. M'Gwire was so sweet and had the most beautiful eyes. We are so thankful for The Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that we will be together again. Below are some other pictures I have of the boys.

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Shannon said...

I'm so sorry for your families loss. Words can't explain that type of pain and I hope that you and your family have been wrapped in comfort over the loss of those two precious boys. Its amazing what can happen in a split second that can change the way you view life and how precious it is........thanks for sharing such wonderful photo's and memories!