Monday, March 28, 2011

{Decorating Cookies}

I love doing things with my kids that I remember doing as a child! Each December we loved to decorated Gingerbread Men. The boys had fun with this and they turned out so cute.

{November 2010}

I love November - that means the Holiday season is coming up!

Rhett and Ethan were able to play on the same baseball team. They got some surprise visitors to one of their games! Ethan's beloved Kindergarten teacher who now lives in California surprised him.

It was also so fun to have Sam and Melissa visiting from Utah, and Brittany from Idaho!

Melissa, Sam, Cody, and I all got up early Thanksgiving morning and ran a Turkey Trot in Peoria. People watching was the best part. Sometimes people who look so in shape and are all decked out in the latest running garb are walking after a mile - and then people you never would think would be fast zip on by you.

My Aunt Suzy and Uncle Kevin are so kind to always host the big Flake gatherings at their house. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up.

{Halloween 2010}

Halloween is always a very anticipated holiday at our house - and the boys were excited to start the month of October off my putting cobwebs on all the bushes.

Pumpkin carving is fun too, and Ethan was the brave one who enjoyed sticking his hands in to get the slimy seeds.

Don't you love all the fake tattoos Ethan is sporting....I think we have had way more than our share of those in our house!!

One of the benefits of being the oldest child is getting to pick out a new Halloween costume. The younger kids get the recycled ones (luckily they don't mind thus far!). Rhett envisioned a ghost costume, and I tried my best to make him a costume from a sheet. It's harder than it looks!! I don't know how I managed to mess it up but I did. So frantically we went looking for another costume, which is slim pickings when it's close to Halloween. Luckily he liked this skeleton costume, even with the missing glove. Ethan was the Emperor - Rhett's costume from last year which is freaky. Kade was Spiderman, a costume used three time (or more when borrowed to friends) and won't zip in the back anymore.

Somehow the boys always manage to get way too many treats - with trunk or treats (ours and grandma's too!), school parties, etc. As you can tell in this next picture, Superman is on his last rope...or should I say Hey, it's not Halloween unless there's a meltdown, right?