Saturday, July 25, 2009


Summertime in Arizona....either you can swim or get creative indoors! We go swimming quite often, but when we are stuck at home my boys have come up with some fun ideas to still have fun and stay cool! The pictures above are of them playing a game called "Bonkers" where they each get two tennis balls. One person goes to the front door, and the other person goes to the backdoor (there's a long path between them and they can still see each other). They yell "one, two, three, GO" and then both race to the middle where there's tile. When they get on the tile they can throw their balls at each other. It's pretty funny to watch, and luckily nothing has been broken so far!

Another (loud) thing they like to do is be a band. Drums are a hit, as well as fighting over who gets to play the piano. Of course there are many performances that I am invited to...they even make invitations, it's cute! They also build several different forts a week, so if you come into my house and my formal room looks like a tornado struck, that is why! Of course they each have to build their own, and they "visit" each other and have parties.

I signed the kids up for two sessions of swim lessons (4 weeks) this summer. They went 4 days a week, and really learned a lot and improved. Kade was in a preschool class and he swam with a noodle and even got to go down the big slide by himself at the end. Rhett and Ethan were in classes together and by the end of lessons were able to freestyle across the entire pool, which means they can do swim team next summer. They were pretty proud of that!

I bought a pool pass this summer so I've been taking the boys there several times a week. They love the slides, whirlpool, diving board, and deep end. Kade wears a life jacket so he's able to follow his brothers most places (he's not tall enough for the slide yet).

Hope everyone's having a great summer!! Only 2 weeks until school starts, I can't believe it. Summer always flies by.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

{4th of July}

We had a great 4th of July weekend, it's one of the boy's favorite holidays and they look forward to the fireworks all year long! This year it was fun to have Cody's parents in town to celebrate with.
We tried to get a cute shot of the kids, and of course the one where they are pulling silly faces for April's camera is the one that turned out the cutest :o)
Titan (1), Ethan (5), Kade (2), Chloe (almost 5), Ryya (3), Mason (6), Rhett (7)
After being spoiled with a fabulous BBQ at our friends the Mitchell's house we came back to the West Side and watched a great fireworks show put on by our city. Every year they do a great job, and I love watching the kid's expressions as they watch the fireworks.
After the fireworks we went back to Dustin and April's home where the kids got to have fun with the fireworks that Grandma and Grandpa Ashton had fun!

Ethan practicing carrying an Olympic torch.

Uncle Dustin with Ethan, Chloe, Mason, and Rhett